Our Services

How can we help you?


Need an app built? Bring us the requirements and let us build it entirely for you.

Let us build you a solution using the Microsoft Power Platform specially catered to your business. If you want a structured project, we can work with you to define the project scope and timeline.


Dedicated Consultant

Would you like to book one of our expert consultants that is focused on contributing to your projects? Discover how here.

A consultant is dedicated to your projects for a set number of hours per week.  Work is assigned and prioritized by your organization. Project Management is available as an add-on. Hours do not roll over. Pricing is custom quoted based on your needs.


Help Now!

Have a quick issue you want help with or need a second set of eyes on a project? Reach out and let us solve your problem.

Help Now is provided for clients that need immediate short-term support. It is most popular with people who want quick guidance on their app or an issue. Our consultants are available to hop on a screen-share with you to answer questions and provide solutions.